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Tarakeeb - Arabic Colour Font خط عربي ملون

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Tarakeeb is an experimental Arabic font that features brick-like letterform design with joyfull color palette. It is an OpenType-SVG font family that consists of two colorful fonts in addition to an ordinary OTF font. Tarakeeb suits contemporary design projects including web, print and mobile applications.

Tarakeeb is an SVG-OpenType font that comes in the following formats:
  • SVG-TTF (vector)
  • COLR-TTF (vector)
  • SBIX (raster)
  • OTF (basic black and white)

Software compatibility: 
Windows 10 (or above), macOS Mojave (or above), Adobe CC 2019  (or above), Microsoft Office 2020 (or above).

Before you install the font, please make sure that both your operating system and your application support the Arabic language.
You will get a ZIP (8MB) file