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What is OpenType-SVG font?
Lot of creatives have been questioning each other recently "What's an OpenType-SVG font?". The OpenType-SVG (AKA Color Font or Chromatic Font) is a powerful new technology that allows colors, textures, gradients and even transparency fea...
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Playful Arabic font 'Tajreed' references Piet Mondrian's abstract compositions

With the belief that color fonts are the next big thing in graphic design, Mostafa El Abasiry references the abstract art of Piet Mondrian in Arabic display font ‘Tajreed’. influenced by one of the dutch painter’s most popular works from his De Stijl period, ‘composition with red, blue, and yellow’, the font letters of Tajreed mimic Mondrian’s clearly defined lines.

Designboom 2018

Origami: an experimental Arabic font influenced by the art of paper folding

Mostafa El Abasiry’s Origami SVG font simulates basic paper folding shapes in a geometric structure that replicates the Arabic letterforms. 

Designboom 2018

This Font Was Created By A Robot

This typeface may not look incredibly sophisticated, but give it a chance. It was, after all, created by a robot.

Gizmodo 2013